Things to add

  1. 1st published date
  2. Updated on
  3. Search results header image, with backup – like medium
  4. Reading time in results and on the details page
  5. Results main heading (limit characters in results)
  6. The teaser in results (limit characters in results)
  7. Added buy – with popup on who that is and to follow
  8. Follow option in results.
  9. Every article need a unique post id key in the slug
  10. Create a voting system
  11. Add Linkedin comments
  12. Feeds – to Linkedin, Twitter, etc
  13. During Article curation it prompts a list of popular Twitter, Linkedin, Medium Tags Hashtags
  14. Meta Data, Schema, OpenGraph
  15. Article Curation Rules Engine – Checklist
    1. After you post an article and it’s set for distribution (tick box)
      1. Feeds to Linkedin –
      2. Linkedin Feeds to Twitter (from Linkedin)
      3. Grab Link on Linkedin and add to form – validate
      4. Add a link to in the first Comment on Linkedin
      5.  Get the link from and import to Medium (try to automate)
      6. If LI Article – post here: (No limit to chars, suggested more than 3 paragraphs and 600 – 900 words, with occasional being 1500-2000)
      7. IF LI Post – 1300 characters limit