About StuartRead.com


What on earth is this?

Simply put this is my personal publication platform, its a cross between GrowthHackers and Medium. I wanted something that would help me catalogue, save, curate and publish the things I find on the web – all controlled by me…

I was fed up with hundreds of tabs in Chrome and FireFox open where I wanted to make notes or save bits of information for later use – and nothing out there that could do this the way I needed.

Objective for me

The objective is to have a simple tool that allows me to quickly add links, tag them in a way that these are easily searchable, and make notes on each to distill the information I want.

I need to easily be able to edit the items, delete them, or share them with the wider public if I feel the need.


I may make this more interesting and open it up if people want to try it, to do this I will need the following more complex features:

  • Registration/account management
  • Add your own links, data
  • Bookmark someone else’s page
  • Where you vote
  • Where you commented
  • Follow people? See when they post
  • Profile page – so you can show your articles etc
  • Possibly personalised tagging

The future

I have been studying various marketplaces, content curation hubs,  and other communities/forums such as Facebook for possible product ideas.

I feel there could be a market for more organised niche community sites with structured data very specific to the niche in question.

Curating content and collating it in one indexable form so that it is easy to search for related information.