What is the best way to use this?

This is a little working doc, so I know the best way to use and improve as I go…

Adding new content

There are two options (will be) to add new content, one quick the other more considered.

Quick Links:

This will be a simple form that will allow you to add a link quickly into the system on the run and come back to it later: 

  • Link
  • YouTube (save and check for /embed/ if not – remove all the URL and reformat on save (for iframe usage).

When you add a link the system will add the link to the reference links section, plus make it the primary article link out item (this can be changed) but logical its the 1st one you (I) am working on. It will strip the link down to the domain, save it against the post, plus add it (if it does not exist add to a CPT – used later to a group and add www profiles, potentially). When saved, the status of the post will ‘Draft’, and it will be ‘private’ posted. Draft Status = not publicly viewable by anyone but you – and not in the main search results. Public/Live = its been published and in the search results for everyone. Private Listed = it’s published but not in the general results, only those with the link can view it.* plus create a page with a URL parameter key for sharing/unlocking You can ‘Tag’ it at this point, but it’s not required, and you could add it to a parent ‘Topic’ however it is not required. You can add a note, but it is not required. This should be easy to do, responsive, and if on a desktop browser using a JavaScript bookmarklet click it on any page to the system. – the other ‘link types’ will be the same process, however, I will probably auto-detect the inclusion of the /embed/ folder in the YouTube links if you (I) dont get the right one… or the embed iframe wont work dude to restrictions….

And New:

This is for full article editing, addition, with detailed options.

This is pretty much the full version of everything… as if you were writing a full article with time on your side or ‘editing’ a quick link to flesh out the data.


Editing content

If you are the creator (author, me) then you can edit your own content…

My theory here is it will be easier to create a “quick link”. This is easier to expand using the iframe text to frame writing method where you can see the page content and write it up in one go (maybe removed due to Origin policy with frames, can break this in most cases using proxies – to test).

Admin Stuff


These are set by me, these are not set by anyone else (they may be able to recommend) – all from my admin console.

Why not let them be randomly set by anyone… because that is mental.


These have a an option to create, but a list to pull from as standard… some standard tags will be auto added to a topic for acceptance.

Admin Views

These will be split between ‘Status’ of articles, for your own (my own), what is public and not etc, and where they have been posted (if posted to social channels).

Curation Rules

Distributing the article to social channels requires a set of rules to help with its reach (if that is the intention), as each channel has different parameters on working with it – it cant be fully automated… so rules by conditional forms should be used when distributing.